I’MAGINE: 2016–2018


Saddleback Medical Center has embarked on a three-year space redesign project that will shift areas of the hospital, bring in advanced medical equipment, and create additional private patient rooms.

These improvements will enhance the patient-family experience, creating a more comfortable, healing environment while benefiting from modern medical technology.

The main areas planned for renovation are the surgical services areas, which include the perioperative and surgical nursing units:

Surgical Nursing Unit: Second Floor

Patient private room rendering

Private Room Rendering

Formerly three disconnected units, the new Surgical Nursing Unit will be renovated into one large efficient space to improve patient flow, decrease noise levels, and provide more quiet and privacy for patients and loved ones after surgery.

Highlights of the redesign include:

  • Larger, more visible entrance
  • Increase to 86% private rooms
  • Newly configured rehabilitation gym
    - Updated equipment
  • Serenity room for patients and loved ones
  • New staff lounge
  • Physician documentation rooms
  • New patient nourishment room

Perioperative Unit: First Floor

 First Floor

Hybrid Operating Suite

The Perioperative Unit will be reconfigured with surgeons and patients in mind, ensuring more privacy prior to surgery and providing the most advanced equipment and technology.

The renovation will feature:

  • New pre-op location with eight patient bays
  • Seven operating rooms
  • State-of-the-art hybrid operating suite
    - Provides optimal setting for minimally invasive procedures
    - Combines high-definition cath lab imaging with a sterile operating
      room environment
  • Renovated medical staff locker rooms and lounge

You can make a difference for patients at Saddleback Medical Center and leave a legacy in your community by supporting the I’MAGINE project. Are you “IN”?

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