Program Directors and Coordinators


Long Beach Memorial Medical Center sponsors three accredited programs. Each program director has the authority and accountability for the operation of the program. The following provides a list of the program directors and coordinators for each specialty.

Sponsored Programs

Family Medicine
Abigail Fletcher, MD, Program Director
Cynthia Neal, Program Coordinator

Pedram Aslmand, DPM, Program Director
Jasmine Esparza, Program Coordinator

Sports Medicine
Jeffrey Lai, MD, Program Director
Kelly Ambrose, Program Coordinator

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center receives residents, fellows, medical students and physician assistant students from various institutions and universities each month. Due to the high volume of trainees, our institution has supporting Program Directors and Coordinators who oversee and ensure the quality of didactic and clinical education for our non-sponsored programs. The following provides a list of the supporting program directors and coordinators for each affiliated specialty:

Non-Sponsored Programs

Sudhir Gutta, MD, Program Director

David Larson, MD, Program Director

Cardiology (and Interventional)
Shaista Malik, MD, Program Director

Dental (Pediatrics)
Chris Mayeda, DDS, Program Director

Emergency Medicine
Bobby Massoudian, MD, Program Director

Kristine Penner, MD, Program Director

Internal Medicine
Afshan Baraghoush, MD, Program Director

Michael Nageotte, MD, Program Director

Jennifer McNulty, MD, Program Director

Be Huynh, MD, Program Director

David Michalik, DO, Program Director

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Jason Koh, DO, Program Director

Adrian Preda, MD, Program Director

Pulmonary/Critical Care
Maged Tanios, MD, Program Director

Pulmonary - Pediatrics
Inderpal Randhawa, MD, Program Director

Radiation Oncology
Linda Chan, MD, Program Director

Steven Grant, MD, Program Director

Plastic Surgery
Keith Hurvitz, MD, Program Director

Vascular Surgery
Carlos Donayre, MD, Program Director