Common Questions

If I have an employer insurance plan, when do I enroll?

If you’re insured through your employer, check with your benefits department to find out your open enrollment period.

When is Open Enrollment for Medicare?
  • October 15th – December 7th: Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period
  • January 1st: Plans become effective
  • January 1st to February 14th: This is a special enrollment period that allows Medicare Advantage enrollees the opportunity to drop their Medicare Advantage plan and enroll in original Medicare without penalty.
  • January 1st to March 31st: If your IEP passes and you fail to enroll in Medicare, or if you weren’t automatically enrolled, you can apply for Medicare Part A and Part B during this general enrollment period. Enrollees who sign up during this time period have their coverage begin July 1st.
What should I consider when reviewing my current plan?
  • What did and didn't work this year?
  • Do I anticipate any major medical needs for next year (such as surgery, medical equipment, pregnancy, etc.)?
  • Do I foresee any new medications, and what tier will they be on the plan formulary?
  • What were my out-of-pocket costs for this year (including premiums, co-pays, deductibles and payments for non-covered services)?
What should I consider when choosing a new health plan?
  • Is my doctor of choice covered by this plan?
  • Is my preferred local hospital contracted with this plan?
  • Will I have access to locations near my home and work?
  • Will I have access to the treatments and technology me or my family may need this next year?
What is a "health system," and why does it matter to me?

A full health system ensures the clinicians treating you, whether it’s primary care, a specialist’s office or a hospital, have shared access through electronic medical records to important information about your most recent diagnosis, allergies or tests.

It also allows you to have access to multiple types of care to better manage chronic conditions and any health issues that may arise in the future.

What should I look for when choosing a new doctor?

The qualities to look for in a doctor depend on your health needs. Generally, look for someone who practices near your home or work, has the ability to refer within a larger system and partners with you throughout your healthcare journey.

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