PFAC Member: Lori Conconi


 Lori Conconi

Lori Conconi

City of residence: Santa Ana, California
Member since: 2008
Title/Partnership Council: Co-Chair,  Patient Family Advisory Council

Why did you join PFAC?

When the idea was presented to have a meeting of former patients and their family members to give input into hospital operations, I welcomed the dialogue and change. I am a nurse by background and patients are why we serve the community. My personal journey has been to be the first person in my family to graduate from college and also to be the first nurse. Therefore, I feel I am often wondering what else I can be “first” at. This was a first as a type of meeting and interaction and I welcomed the conversations. I have found all our members to be so giving and wanting to make every patient’s experience better and I am so honored to be a part of that effort as the co-chair. My other co-chairs are our lead chaplain and a family member of a former patient.

Describe your biggest contribution or the project you are most proud of while on the PFAC. How has it/how will it improve the patient & family experience?

I believe my biggest contribution is to offer “support” for whatever our vision and direction becomes. We write annual goals but our work evolves in every meeting. It is exciting to see the positive influences that we can have whether it is on changing policy, supporting new signage or informational brochures, or giving support to our staff that supports the bedside care every day. It makes me proud to uphold our core concepts of respect and caring, information sharing/communication, participation and collaboration. I believe these concepts are pervasive in everything we do!