PFAC Member: Duke Chadsey


 Duke Chadsey

Duke Chadsey

City of residence: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Member since: March 2013
Title/Partnership Council: Co-Chair, Patient Family Advisory Council Member, Patient & Family Experience VAT Member, Palliative Care VAT

Why did you join PFAC?

My wife Stefania and I came to The Women’s Hospital at Saddleback Medical Center for the birth of our children. After the birth of our second daughter, Stefania was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer did not respond to treatment and continued to spread. A month before her death, we wanted to reconnect with the caring rapport we had experienced at Saddleback Medical Center, a place that had always treated us like family, and getting that feeling back was incredibly important. I joined the PFAC following Stefania’s death with the desire to make each patient’s and family’s journeys the very best possible under variety of challenging circumstances.

Describe your biggest contribution or the project you are most proud of while on the PFAC. How has it/how will it improve the patient & family experience?

In December 2013, I presented Stefania’s story to physicians at Saddleback Medical Center's annual physician’s meeting. Watch here. Since that presentation, I have been added to the MemorialCare Palliative Care Best Practice Team.  The team is chartered to create and implement a plan to evolve palliative and supportive care across all of MemorialCare. 

I was involved in providing guidance for the design of the MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Saddleback Medical Center to create a pleasing environment for all the senses. Also, I participated in a week-long Acute Care Services Patient Experience Rapid Process Development team to better the patient and family experience.