The 35th Annual Champions Run for Life Torch Run event scheduled for June 13, 2020 has been canceled due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Therefore, for the safety of our patients, families, staff, and supporters, the Spirit of the Torch Run Lives on in a Virtual Campaign! Join Us and Pass The Torch! 

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The Torch Run is an Olympic-style relay race full of inspirational and uplifting moments. Patient “champions” carry a torch – a symbol of hope for a cure for childhood cancer and serious blood disorders – as they walk, run, wheel or are carried through a one-eighth mile celebratory lap. The patient passes the torch to the next “Champion,” together getting one step closer to the finish line. Patients are cheered on by family, friends, and supporters. 

Current and former pediatric cancer and blood disorder patients and families from the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute at MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach are invited to participate in the Torch Run event.

KTLA-5 - Torch Run 2019

Champion Stories

The annual Champions Run for Life Torch Run has held a very special place in the lives of patients, families, and supporters for the last 35 years! The Torch Run serves as a time of reunion and reflection for all those involved. Melanie, Matthew, and Allison have participated in the Torch Run for several years. They wanted to share their personal stories of hope and inspiration.

Meet Melanie

"I love the Torch Run because my family and friends come together to support me!" "I like singing, dancing, and making Tik Tok videos. I also like dressing up especially in Jojo siwa clothes!"

Meet Matthew

"I love the Torch Run because it's a family event and because you run and have fun!" "I like playing with water toys, making projects out of cardboard boxes, taking walks, the beach, and playing with my sisters. I have three turtles and a hamster named Valentine!"

Meet Allison

"The Torch Run is special to me because I get to see so many people attend and support each other!" My hobbies are singing, playing guitar, writing songs, performing in musical theater, and doing arts and crafts."

Make A Gift to the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute

The annual Champions Run for Life Torch Run event has held an essential place in the lives of patients, their families, and supporters for 35 years! It serves as a time of reunion and reflection for all those involved, and is a key component to raising the funds necessary to support the care, service, and research that the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute provides to its patients and their families.

Our Story-the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute

In 1976, 16-year-old Jonathan Jaques inspired the creation of the institute by giving his life savings, $1,000, to his parents and asking them to help future children with cancer. Although Jonathan lost his battle with cancer, his legacy lives on through the institute that was dedicated in his name in 1983.

Jonathan Jaques taught the world about giving and sharing during his brief lifetime. His legacy endures as children and their families continue to receive innovative treatment, compassionate care and support at the institute that proudly bears the name of this young visionary — Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute. 

The Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute provides quality, compassionate care to children with cancer, sickle cell disease and other serious blood disorders. 

  • We are known for our comprehensive psychosocial programs and multi-disciplinary care teams that enhance patient care.
  • We place a strong emphasis on integrating new research efforts into treatment plans that allow our children access to the latest therapies and technologies
  • Miller Children’s & Women’s is one of only 10 children’s hospitals nationwide to have full accreditation through the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. 
  • We have a dedicated unit of 24 private rooms in a home-like setting. 
  • Our specially trained multi-disciplinary care team is available for patients from the day of admission, to their time in the hospital and through follow-up treatment in the outpatient setting, including physical therapists, dietitians, psychologists, social workers and dentists. 
  • Teen & Young Adult Program helps adolescents cope with the unique challenges of being a teen or young adult with cancer or serious blood disorder, complete with a Teen Lounge. 
  • Long-term cancer survivors receive care at our outpatient clinic through the Survivors’ Treatment Assessment and Resource (S.T.A.R.) Program that focuses on their overall wellness and monitors them for any potential late-effects of treatments throughout their life.

Why Your Support Matters

Jacqueline Casillas, M.D., Medical Director, Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute
Jacqueline Casillas, M.D., Medical Director, Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute

The Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute at MemorialCare Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach is nationally recognized and is a leader in the multidisciplinary care and research in pediatric cancer and serious blood disorders such as sickle cell disease, and hemophilia. As the only pediatric hematology oncology program in greater Long Beach, South Bay, and Northern Orange County, the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute provides the most advanced techniques for the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and continuing care of children with cancer and serious blood diseases.

Philanthropic support helps to sustain and develop many of the critical components of the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute's unique supportive care services such as psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, and art therapists. A large proportion of patient families struggle significantly with the financial pressures of caring for an ill child.  Many of the families that the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Institute serves would not receive the same quality of care if it were not for the generous support of donors, and civic and community organizations.


Watch Los Angeles Angels/Jonathan Jaques PSA Video at Angels Stadium 2019

The Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute works closely with the community to increase their awareness of childhood cancer and to raise philanthropic funding to improve the treatment options and quality-of-life for our patients.



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