Stories for Women's Care


Chani Himes

Courage and Conviction

After Chani Himes finished college, she left her small Ohio hometown and moved to San Clemente, excited about what her future would hold.

Shawna Manetta

Turning the Tide Against Breast Cancer

Soon after her diagnosis with breast cancer at age 35, Shawna Manetta made a decision: she shook off the fear and chose to focus on the blessings in her life.

Treating Genetic Breast Cancer

Treating Genetic Breast Cancer

With a maternal grandmother, mother and aunt who developed breast cancer at an early age, Tara Stein had been on the alert for the disease.

Karen Heydorf

Beating the Clock

A heart attack was the last thing on Karen Heydorf’s mind—but self-diagnosed panic attacks were a major concern.