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Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley has established the MemorialCare Center for Obesity, including a weight–loss surgery program designed for people who are 75 pounds or more overweight. 

From our highly-skilled surgeons, led by bariatric pioneer Dr. Peter LePort with his team's record of more than 13,000 weight-loss surgeries, to our caring support team of nutritionists, psychologists and others, the MemorialCare Center for Obesity offers you everything you need to help you on your way to weight-loss surgery success.

Lose Inches. Gain Hope.

For people who are more than 75 pounds overweight, traditional dieting is successful only two percent of the time. But, there is a way that works–the skilled surgeons and strong support team at the MemorialCare Center for Obesity. Our program offers a far more successful surgical solution to traditional dieting. Best of all, our patients love it because it works.

We start months before the actual surgical weight-loss procedure, helping to motivate, encourage and guide you. And after surgery, we continue to lead and support you on your journey to ultimate weight–loss surgery success and improved health.

A Reputation for Quality

The team of highly skilled surgeons is led by bariatric pioneer Peter LePort, M.D., who has performed successful weight–loss surgery procedures for more than 20 years.

We’ve used all of our resources to build and strengthen our team. That’s why our weight-loss surgery success rate is second to none…as high as 80 percent. Take the first step on a wonderful new path to renewed health and happiness.


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