Comprehensive Stroke Care at Saddleback Memorial

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Saddleback Memorial offers one of the best and most comprehensive stroke care programs available in South Orange County. 

Stoke Program Components

  • Stroke awareness and prevention programs designed to help prevent strokes.
  • Exceptional care teams in the emergency department and bi-plane cath lab where life-saving care and treatments are provided in the critical moments following stroke onset.
  • Excellent post-treatment care and monitoring delivered by a skilled and highly compassionate acute care / ICU staff.
  • Post-stroke care provided by a phenomenal rehabilitation care team helps patients return to the highest level of function quickly, and gets patients back to their life sooner.
  • Throughout the process, a designated stroke care coordinator monitors patients’ progress and helps connect the dots between the health care professionals and the hospital care team.

Those living in South Orange County have access to the finest stroke care available – right here in their own community.