The Spine Center Care Team

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Our Leadership

The Spine Center is led by Barry Ceverha , M.D., medical director, a leader in the field of neurological surgery. 

Spine Center Surgeons & Physicians

The Spine Center offers an experienced group of spine surgeons who are accomplished in performing minimally invasive and highly-specialized spine surgery procedures. Our surgeons are recognized as leaders in the field of orthopedic and neurological surgery, offering the latest surgical techniques and minimally invasive procedures for patients.

In addition to being nationally recognized for their talents, our physicians and surgeons provide compassionate patient-center care and actively work with patients to ensure they receive a positive surgical experience while at the Spine Center. See a list of our physicians and surgeons.

Care Coordinator

The nurse care coordinator is an RN who oversees patient care and helps secure resources and services needed to successfully maintain optimal care. The care coordinator empowers patients to be active participants in their health and strive to provide patients and families with what they need to make the best decisions to ensure the success of the patient’s care plan. The care coordinator assists with the coordination of care from pre-op through discharge, setting patient expectations for pain management and post-op rehabilitation.