Key to Recovery: Patient Education

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Key to Recovery: Pre-Operative Education

The Spine Center at Long Beach Memorial with its dedicated unit, features private patient rooms, and emphasizes patient and family education pre-operatively. The Spine Center offers pre-operative education class to prepare patients for spine surgery.

Preparation, education, continuity of care and pre-planned discharge are essential for optimum results in spine surgery. The care coordinator ensures communication and support is available throughout the surgery.

“Coach” Role

This comprehensive education program includes patient guidebooks and encourages family support in the form of a patient “coach” role who is there as friendly and familiar encouragement for the patient.

Spine Patient Guidebook

The Spine Patient Guidebook is a communication and education tool for patients, coaches and families. The guidebook is designed to:

  • Set expectations for every step of the surgery experience
  • Outline useful tips and resources for surgery preparation
  • Provide post-surgery care information 

The Spine Center encourages patients to ask questions so that patients can feel empowered through their surgery experience.