A Three-Arm, Randomized, Open Label, Phase II Study of Everolimus in Combination with Exemestane Versus Everolimus Alone Versus Capecitabine in the Treatment of Postmenopausal Women with Estrogen Receptor Positive, Locally Advanced, Recurrent, or Metastat

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Long Beach Medical Center
Currently enrolling additional patients:
Age Range:
18 to 60

The study will compare the combination treatment of everolimus and exemestane to either everolimus alone, or capecitabine alone. The reason for the study is to find which of these three drugs (if any) better stabilizes or stops progression of breast cancer. More specifically, the patients in the study are postmenopausal women with estrogen receptor positive, locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer refractory (resistant) to non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors. Because we do not know which study drug is best, we need to make comparisons.