A Phase III Randomized Trial for Newly Diagnosed High Risk B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL) Testing Clofarabine (IND# 73789, NSC# 606869) in the Very High Risk Stratum

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Long Beach Medical Center, Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach
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Male & Female

Participation on this study is for patients diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (HR B-ALL). Leukemia is cancer of blood cells. B-ALL is a cancer of the white blood cells, where too many underdeveloped (abnormal) white blood cells, called “blasts”, are found in the bone marrow. These blasts crowd out the normal blood cells in the bone marrow and spread to the blood. They can also spread to the brain, spinal cord, and/or other organs of the body. The overall goal of this study is to collect information about your leukemia and about the effects of the different phase of leukemia treatment.