Development of a Pediatric Fertility Preservation Brochure in Spanish

Service: Trial Number:
Principal Investigator: Conducted at:
Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach
Currently enrolling additional patients:
Age Range:
7 years & up

It has been documented that the majority of children and adolescents do not receive information on their fertility preservation options due to the rush to begin treatment, which can lead to multiple psychosocial issues in adulthood. A fertility preservation brochure designed for parents and patients was designed in 2011, validated through the use of focus groups with parents, patients, and healthcare professionals. Though this is a significant step, this brochure was only validated in English, creating a unequal access to information for the large number of Spanish-speaking patients seen at Miller Children’s Hospital/Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (MCH/JJCCC). The objective of this study was to test the design, readability, likelihood to read, and overall opinion from patients, parents, and providers of a pediatric fertility preservation brochure in Spanish.