Case Collection Study to determine the Accuracy, Call Back and Cancer Detection Rates of QT Ultrasound in Breast Imaging (THe ACCRUE Study)

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Long Beach Medical Center
Currently enrolling additional patients:
Age Range:
18 Years and older

The QT Ultrasound system is an automated scanner which transmits pulsed ultrasound plane waves through the breast, as well as collects reflected ultrasound output. As the patient lays prone on a table, the breast is submerged in a warm water bath. The transmitter and receiver assembly moves around the suspended breast to record data for successive sub-volumes of targeted tissue. More than 2000 elements in the curvilinear transducer's array encircle the breast to gather data from the tissue structures of the breast, from nipple to chest wall. Information gathered from this automated QT scan encompasses the entire breast which is currently not commercially available using any other ultrasound technology.

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