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Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Medical Center

At Saddleback Medical Center, we provide the highest quality rehabilitation services to enable patients to return to full function and normal daily activity as soon as possible.

The center is staffed with experienced and compassionate physical, occupational and speech therapists who work with each patient's referring physician to ensure that their progress is tracked to meet their rehabilitation goals.


  • Orthopedic and neurological therapists
  • Certified lymphedema therapists (CLT)
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Parkinson’s Disease with Certified LSVT LOUD and BIG therapists
  • Multi-disciplinary care model for stroke and other disabilities
  • Vital Stim
  • Voice therapy
  • One-on-one customized therapy
  • State-of-the-art gym facility and equipment
  • Specialty boutique providing compression garments
  • Easily accessible therapists
  • Skilled, friendly and compassionate staff
  • Free parking

Receiving Treatment

To see one of our therapists for your care, please ask your physician for a referral to the Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Medical Center, then call (949) 452-7040 to schedule your appointment.


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Diagnostics & Treatments


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