Treatments for Rehabilitation Services

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation is designed to provide you optimal outcomes for daily living.

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy techniques are used to help patients manage hand injuries and conditions.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Managing rehabilitation after catastrophic injury or disabling disease is a team effort. Our interdisciplinary team helps each patient achieve the highest level of recovery and independence.

Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema rehabilitation focuses on teaching patients how to effectively manage lymphedema or secondary lymphedema on an independent basis through intensive one-on-one training.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Neurological injuries affect thousands of people each year. With the appropriate rehabilitation program, physical, functional, cognitive and swallowing ability can be improved leading to a path to recovery.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists play an important role in assisting patients increase their quality of life and achieve their highest level of function.


Physical Therapy

Our physical and sports therapists provide treatments to enable you to recovery quickly from an injury, illness or surgery.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Studies have proven that persons with chronic lung disease who complete a pulmonary rehabilitation program experience a decrease in pulmonary symptoms, hospital and emergency room visits and lead a

Speech and Language Therapy

Outpatient speech therapists provide a full range of auditory and speech language pathology services, all aimed at improving a patient's communication, cognitive and linguistic skills, hearing and