Partial Hospitalization/Intensive Outpatient Program

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The partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient program is a structured program for adult patients who are not severe enough to require inpatient hospitalization, but need more structure than outpatient therapy.

The program is designed to facilitate the patients return to their maximum level of independence using group therapy focused on coping skills, cognitive behavior, life skills, medication education, stress management and interpersonal relationship skills.

Individualized Care Plans

Most patients participate three to five days per week, usually for one to six weeks in group therapy. The groups are facilitated by experienced, licensed clinical therapists, registered nurses and music and art therapists.

Partial hospitalization allows patients to return home at the end of each day. Once home, patients can practice the skills and tools they’ve learned in therapy, knowing they will be supported by the mental health care team when they return the following day.

Who Can Benefit From the Partial Hospitalization Program?

The partial hospitalization program may treat patients experiencing varying degrees of symptoms from the following:

• Depression
• Bi-polar disorder
• Schizophrenia
• Schizophrenia affective disorder
• Other mental illnesses disrupting a person’s quality of life 

Through the partial hospitalization program patients will learn:

• Coping skills
• Self-awareness
• Medication education
• Communication skills
• Safe and healthy approaches to self-expression
• Symptom management
• Self-esteem building techniques

Continuum of Care

The partial hospitalization program is a good transition for patients who have just completed an inpatient treatment program or for those patients participating in outpatient therapy, who are experiencing an influx of symptoms that may require a higher level of care. The primary goal of the partial hospitalization program is to prevent admission or readmission.

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