Newborn Programs

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The BirthCare Center at Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach offers the following programs for you and your newborn:

Books for Babies

In an effort to encourage parents to begin reading to their child at an early age, The Women’s League personally delivers a copy of “Books for Babies” to all new moms. “Books for Babies” is an anthology of favorite classic nursery rhymes, poetry and stories, printed especially for the mothers of babies born at the BirthCare Center at Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach. Each newborn is presented with a story book as a volunteer communicates to parents about the value of beginning to read to a child at birth. Nearly 30,000 mothers and their infants born at the BirthCare Center at Miller Children's have been presented with a copy of “Books for Babies.”

Moms Helping Moms

Moms Helping Moms is a community service group serving families with children in the Greater Long Beach area. They provide fun and educational activities for both young children and parents. Activities include an annual snow day at a local park, peer discussion groups, “Moms Time Out” evening activities and terrific seasonal special events.

Moms Helping Moms offers:

  • Monthly newsletter with parenting tips and articles.
  • Web site with latest events, community calendar.
  • “Helping Hands” program, including support networks and peer discussion groups.
  • Weekly park gatherings and story time.
  • Home playgroups.
  • Seasonal special events.
  • Opportunity to network with other new moms.
  • “Tyke Hike”.
  • Book Club.
  • Field trips and excursions.
  • “Moms Time Out” evening activities.