Just for Partners

Just for Partners

What to Expect on the Day of Delivery

The partner’s role in childbirth has changed since the old days of the doctor entering the waiting room to announce, “It’s a…” Today, most partners are involved in attending prenatal appointments, childbirth classes and the birth. At the BirthCare Centers, you’re encouraged to participate in the birth. A homelike atmosphere is provided in the spacious labor, delivery and recovery suites. In the days after delivery, partners visit with mom and baby as often as you like.

As the due date nears, partners need to be as prepared as possible. When the big day does finally arrive, things are guaranteed to be both exciting and hectic! Here is some important information to get you ready for delivery day.

In the weeks before:

  • Be sure to take a tour of the hospital with your partner. Familiarize yourself with where to park and how to get to the BirthCare Center.
  • Find out how to get to the hospital cafeteria for a snack or meal, and where the gift shop is located in case you need supplies or flowers.
  • Keep your gas tank full—you may not have time to get to the gas station if your partner is in labor.
  • Have your cameras (video, digital and still) charged and ready to go. Bring extra film and batteries, just in case.
  • Plan for emergency back-up transportation, in case you’re not around when your partner goes into labor.
  • Be supportive of your partner. She will probably have trouble sleeping, getting comfortable in general, and may experience contractions called Braxton Hicks before actually going into labor.
  • Be patient and listen to her concerns. Your support during the final countdown will be important to her.
  • Print out and fill out the .