It is recommended to begin introducing solid food into your baby’s diet around 6 months. This introduction is not meant to be a replacement for breastmilk, but instead a substitution for some meals. Introducing solid foods too early can cause problems if it replaces the nutrient-filled breastmilk that your baby needs.

Benefits for your baby:

  • During this time, your baby is exposed to more bacteria and pathogens. The antibodies contained in breastmilk can help to protect your baby from any illnesses they may encounter
  • By continuing to breastfeed, your baby will have a lower risk for serious illnesses later on in life such as diabetes, asthma and obesity
  • As long as you are breastfeeding, your baby has protection against common childhood illnesses such as ear infections and the common cold

Benefits for mom:

  • Breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a day
  • Breastfeeding is still the easiest and most convenient way to feed your baby
  • Feedings become quicker and less frequent
  • It enhances the bond between you and your baby