Early Skin-To-Skin Contact, Early Initiation Of Breastfeeding

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the start of breastfeeding is when the baby is kept skin-to-skin with the mother immediately after birth and until the first breastfeeding. The baby’s sense of smell allows him/her to find the breast to begin the initial breastfeeding. Research shows that infants that are skin-to-skin with their mothers, breastfeed better, sooner and are more likely to exclusively breastfeed.

Skin-to-Skin and Rooming In

Mothers will be encouraged to remain with their infant throughout their hospital stay: It is what the baby wants and needs.

All routine newborn procedures will be performed at the mother’s bedside including pediatrician daily visits, lab work, hearing screen, newborn screen and lactation consultations.

Benefits of rooming in:

  • Baby and mother sleep better
  • Babies cry less (They love to be near you)
  • Decreases infant stress
  • Helps establish and maintain breastfeeding
  • Mother learns infant cues and behavior patterns and increases confidence in caring for the baby
  • Best thing to start bonding with your baby, the beginning of a close relationship
  • Less "baby blues” and postpartum depression
  • Baby will have more stable body temperatures and blood sugars
  • Breastfeed sooner, longer and more easily