About the Joint Replacement Center at Saddleback Medical Center

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If you need knee or hip replacement, you can expect a unique experience at the MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Saddleback Medical Center. Our award-winning orthopedic care model is designed to quickly return you to your active lifestyle. Led by our expert team of surgeons, nurses and therapists, our joint replacement program gets patients on their feet within 24 hours.

The average age for knee and hip replacement has decreased, and the number of surgeries has significantly increased. With longer lasting joint prosthetics and improved surgical techniques, you can get back on your feet – and into life – faster.

How we help get you back on your feet:

  • Family centered care approach: You select a “coach,” usually a family member or friend, to attend joint replacement therapy and educational sessions with you. Your coach helps speed up the joint replacement recovery process, providing encouragement and support as you learn to use your new joint.
  • Help prepare: Before the joint replacement surgery, you receive a comprehensive guidebook. The joint care coordinator walks you through the guidebook to help you gain a better understanding of your care and joint replacement recovery, and answers any questions you may have.
  • Motivate movement: Pacific Coast Highway themed “walking board” tracks the number of feet you walk during your hospital stay. The more you walk, the further you go on your “Road to Recovery.”
  • Personalized, daily physical therapy: One-on-one therapy and group activities are scheduled every day. A daily schedule, along with the time and day of discharge, is posted on your care board in your room.
  • Promote wellness: For added comfort post-surgery, we encourage you to wear active clothes versus a hospital gown.