About the Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Memorial

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About MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Memorial

Patients, their family, volunteers and staff work together after surgery as the patient starts “Cruising to Recovery” at the cruise ship-themed MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Memorial. With a dedicated team of joint replacement specialists, Long Beach Memorial offers the latest and most effective treatments for total joint replacement.

What Makes the Joint Replacement Center One-of-a-Kind:

  • The Joint Replacement Center is in an exclusive center just for patients enrolled in the program, and includes private patient rooms.
  • “Rehab Coaches” are selected by patients (usually a family member or friend) and attend therapy and educational sessions with patients.
  • Patients are encouraged to be dressed in clothes such as, gym shorts and a t-shirt, not a hospital gown to promote wellness.
  • A daily newsletter of encouragements and helpful information about what to expect throughout the day, exercise tips, lunch information and about the following day is distributed from the Joint Replacement Center to patients while in the hospital.
  • The unit is decorated with educational posters to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Designated therapists begin rehabilitation with patients the day of surgery to begin the recovery process.
  • A cruise ship themed “Walking Board” tracks the number of feet a patient walks during their hospital stay. The more a patient walks the further they go on their “cruise” around the world
  • Therapy is a set schedule activity, everyday, twice a day in a group setting.
  • Group lunches, weekly pre-operative classes and discharge planning classes for patients.
  • Patients receive guidebooks as part of the education process. These guidebooks include information about the Joint Replacement Center, surgery, rehabilitation and what to expect at home.
  • Also, be sure to fill out your patient survey once you get home, your input is important in keeping our program top notch.