The Pacemaker and Arrhythmia Clinic at Saddleback Medical Center provides follow-up to patients with an implanted pacemaker or cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). The clinic is staffed by a registered nurse and cardiovascular technicians experienced in monitoring the function of your implanted device. We also provide thirty-day patient-activated cardiac event monitors for recording heart rhythms when the patient is symptomatic.

Pacemakers and ICDs require monitoring of the battery, leads (wires that attach to the heart muscle), and your heart rhythm on a regular basis. We have the ability to monitor your pacemaker or ICD remotely over the telephone or through the internet in order to make this as convenient as possible.

The clinic works closely with your cardiologist or electrophysiologist to prolong the battery life of your device, make adjustments to improve your quality of life, and provide you with the best care.

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