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Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Breast MRI)

Breast MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer. It produces a clear, sharp image capturing even the tiniest irregularities.


Breast Ultrasound

In addition to a mammogram screening, your Breast Center health care provider may recommend a breast ultrasound. A breast ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create an internal image of your breast. This breast screening allows our specialized physicians to get a closer look at the chest walls and breast lumps


DEXA Bone Density Test

Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is a convenient and painless test to identify bone density to determine whether you have osteoporosis and if you are at risk for bone fractures.


Mammograms / Digital Mammograms

Mammograms are one of the most important tools in the early detection of breast cancer. This low-dose X-ray can reveal both benign (non-cancerous) and cancerous growths when they are too small to be detected by you or your health care provider.


Tomosynthesis 3D Mammography

Not all breasts are the same. In fact, 40% of women have dense breast tissue which is associated with a slight increased risk of developing breast cancer. More importantly, dense breast tissue can mask a breast cancer on a traditional 2D mammogram or mimic one when none exists.



Ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to produce exceptionally high-quality moving images of the fetus, heart, abdominal organs and other soft tissues of the body. It can also be used for scanning other organs such as the liver, kidneys, uterus and ovaries.