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AHA Type-2 Diabetes Gold AwardWelcome to the MemorialCare Medical Group's ACTIVE Diabetes Program

Customized Diabetes Management for Your Unique Needs

The ACTIVE Diabetes Program helps patients with poorly controlled diabetes reach their personal health goals. Our program uses an integrated interdisciplinary care team approach, which includes your Primary Care Provider, Clinical Pharmacist, Registered Dietician, Case Manager (Social Worker), and Medical Assistant. We work collaboratively to ensure our patients receive the personal attention they need to better understand:

  • Diabetes – what it is and how it affects the body
  • Nutrition awareness – the importance of diet and making good choices
  • Lifestyle - why it is important to exercise or be physically active

Our ACTIVE Diabetes Program offers one-on-one extended visits for our patients and families to help work through any challenges in reaching personal health goals. Our team will work with you to help tailor your lifestyle and medication regimen based on your personal health goals.

Our patient’s testimonies tell the story:

Meet Jan and Michael, two different people with hard-fought success in managing their diabetes thanks to the Diabetes Care Team and their own dedication to living healthy. Read their stories of success.

“…my team is wonderful… they ROCK!! It was a wake-up call for me and now I know what I have to do…about my diabetes. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

“…Thank you for this program! I find this program very beneficial to me… I love having a pharmacist actually looking at the complete range of medicines I take. It is nice how they both look at the complete health picture and not just the immediate medical concern.”

“…this program has been a big change for me. I have learned how to diet properly and what to eat in order to manage my blood sugar…”

Our goal is to help you understand and recognize warning signs of diabetic complications, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and most importantly enjoy your life!

Ask your physician if the ACTIVE Diabetes program is right for you.


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