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MemorialCare is proud to provide the highest quality, comprehensive cancer care for adults and children of all ages. Our cancer centers are devoted to improving the lives of residents in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California and beyond.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Care

We are committed to helping you or your loved one fight cancer by offering a lifetime of cancer care. Our multidisciplinary teams of oncologists, surgeons, nurses, social workers and other specialists are highly skilled and experienced in the field of oncology. They are passionate about prevention, early detection, and innovative cancer treatments utilizing the most advanced technology to deliver the best possible care.

Our Commitment to You & Your Family

When you or a loved one faces a cancer diagnosis, choosing where to turn for cancer care is an important decision. At MemorialCare we are dedicated to treating the whole person and believe that one should never take the journey alone. Our support programs include support groups and spiritual counseling - all designed to help every step of the way.

Cancer Research & Clinical Trials

To continue providing excellence in health care, we’re committed to staying on the leading-edge of cancer research. We believe clinical trials are the front line in winning the battle against cancer. We are involved in more than 100 of the world’s most promising research protocols, including the GRAIL Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test.

Locations Offering Cancer Care

Advancing Research Forward

At MemorialCare, research is woven throughout national consortiums and centers of excellence through clinical trials and novel investigations to improve population health – effectively safeguarding the community by improving outcomes, while lowering costs for patients.


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Located throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County, MemorialCare-affiliated physicians are locally and nationally recognized in their area of expertise. We've made it easy to find a quality healthcare provider right in your own backyard.