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A diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing and often overwhelming experience. Many patients describe this experience as a journey. At the Integrated Cancer Medicine Program at the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Medical Center, we empower our patients to achieve the best quality of life throughout their cancer journey by promoting wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Integrative cancer medicine is complementary care used alongside standard care, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and biological therapy. Our Integrated Cancer Medicine Program offers cancer services that are evidence-based, proven medical practices, such as nutrition support, cancer rehabilitation and psychosocial oncology. Benefits from integrated medicine can include:

Tolerate side effects from chemotherapy and radiation

  • Minimize anxiety, depression and stress
  • Address nutrition challenges
  • Prevent and treat lymphedema
  • Control fatigue, neuropathy, dry mouth, hot flashes and other symptoms
  • Improve muscle strength, balance and endurance
  • Reduce pain and muscle tension

Psychosocial Support Programs

Our psychosocial oncology care is comprehensive and addresses the needs of cancer patients, survivors and their families through educational and support programs, classes, mentorships and more. By providing a sense of wellness at every stage of the cancer journey, our patient’s physical and emotional well-being can be improved. Learn more.

Nutrition Support

Cancer treatments can cause symptoms that can increase risk for decreased nutritional status and malnutrition. Our registered dietitians offer support and interventions that manage side effects related to cancer treatments with the goal of helping patients feel better and eat better.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Patients with cancer can benefit from rehabilitation throughout their cancer journey. Our physical therapists help improve cancer-related fatigue, improve balance and alleviate physical side effects from other cancer-related treatments. Learn more.

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