Cancer Risk & Prevention Program at Long Beach Medical Center

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Our Cancer Risk & Prevention Program offers comprehensive cancer genetic counseling and assessment to individuals concerned about their risk of cancer. Our genetic counselors are licensed professionals with special education and training to help individuals and families understand and manage their cancer risks.

With an emphasis on wellness of the mind, body and spirit, the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute offers a wide range of programs to prevent or detect cancer in its earliest stages, including being one of the only hospitals in the greater Long Beach area to offer a comprehensive genetics program.

Personalized Risk Counseling

Genetic counseling can help you learn about the influence that your personal and family history may have on your chances of developing cancer. Our genetic counselors provide personalized cancer risk assessments, explain genetic testing options, review implications of genetic testing results, discuss recommendations for early detection and prevention of cancer, and provide support resources.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a tool that can be used to further inform you of your cancer risks. A genetic counselor will review your personal and family medical information to determine the best genetic testing options for you. When genetic testing is recommended, an explanation of the testing options along with the benefits, risks, limitations, costs, and coverage of genetic testing will be provided. In most cases, testing can take place at the time of the initial appointment and involves a blood or saliva sample.

If you have been previously diagnosed with cancer, genetic counseling/testing can help determine if your diagnosis has a hereditary component. This information can lead to specific medical management recommendations and can determine if family members may have similar hereditary risks.

If you have not been diagnosed with cancer, genetic counseling can help to plan the most informative testing strategy for your family.

Is Genetic Counseling Right for You?

An appointment with a cancer genetic counselor is recommended for individuals who have any personal or family history of:

  • Cancer diagnosis at a young age (usually before age 50)
  • Multiple primary cancers in the same person
  • The same type of cancer in two or more close relatives
  • A family pattern of related cancer types
  • Certain rare cancers or tumor types
  • A known genetic mutation
  • Anyone concerned about a personal or family history of cancer may benefit from cancer genetic counseling and risk assessment.
  • Investigating if you are at an increased risk for cancer can be overwhelming. Knowing and understanding your risks can empower you to take steps toward cancer prevention and better manage your care.

Understanding Your Insurance Options

Genetic counseling is considered preventative health care and is a covered benefit under most commercial insurance plans. For your convenience, we will verify your plan benefits prior to scheduling your appointment.

If you have a HMO plan, we require an authorization from your insurance company. If genetic counseling is not a covered benefit of your insurance plan, a self-pay option is available.

Coverage for genetic testing can only be determined after a full evaluation of your medical and family history by a genetic counselor and will be explained to you before you decide whether or not to undergo testing.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call 562.933.RISK (7475).