Cancer Risk & Prevention Program at Long Beach Medical Center

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The Cancer Risk & Prevention Program was established to provide this important component of cancer care. MemorialCare encourages anyone concerned about a genetic risk of cancer to take advantage of the program.

What is covered by genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling is a one to two hour consultation with a medical geneticist, advanced practice nurse in genetics, or genetic counselor. Counseling in most cases is covered by insurance. During this consultation the genetic specialist will:

  • Construct a family tree.
  • Analyze family cancer patterns.
  • Explain how genes are inherited.
  • Explain the difference between hereditary and sporadic cancer.
  • Discuss the ethical, legal, and social implications associated with genetic testing.
  • Help the patient decide if the benefits of genetic testing outweigh the risks.
  • Interpret genetic test results.
  • Provide individualized cancer risk analysis based on family history and/or genetic testing.