About Me

Dr. Chappell actually began his career in medicine as a teenager when he worked as an orderly in the Emergency Room in the small town in North Carolina were he was born (Elizabeth City). After excelling in high school where he received a scolarship to do research in Research Triangle Park, he went to undergraduate school in Chemistry at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and on to get a Master’s degree in Neurophysiology at North Carolina State University. From there it was on to Medical School at the Wake Forrest University Bowman Gray School of Medicine where he excelled clinically and in research sufficiently to land a position to train in Neurosurgery at George Washington University in Washington, DC (the hospital to the president in times of emergency).

Dr. Chappell’s career of 20 years has been principally as a Professor of Neurosurgery at universities in California, such as the University of California - San Francisco (formerly, Davis) – East Bay and the University of California – San Diego. He now has a desirable private practice in Orange County.

His research and subspecialty interests have spanned the realm of neurosurgery. Dr. Chappell has published and presented in the areas of Brain Trauma, Brain Tumors, and Spine Surgery. He has special training in skull base surgery, stereotaxic techniques, and spine techniques. In addition, unlike most surgeons in the area, he is able to use minimally invasive techniques to accomplish most treatment. This is particularly important to patients considering spine surgery.

Dr Chappell has been honored throughout his career for his attention to patient care and the instruction of students and residents. He is known throughout the medical community in Orange County as congenial, devoted, reliable, and of the utmost integrity. He has always attended to those patients with the least resources and most advanced diseases, making his outcomes for the less ill even better.

His personal interests are in outdoor activities such as water sports and mountain biking. Dr. Chappell serves as the Secretary of the Board for a non-profit organization called ABILITY Awareness. He is the Medical Editor for a publication called ABILITY Magazine.

Dr. Chappell’s approach to practicing neurosurgery is unique in many ways. He has been a leader in minimally-invasive techniques for spine and brain surgery for more than 10 years. Dr. Chappell remains one of the few neurosurgeons in Southern California using minimally-invasive techniques routinely in his practice. Dr. Chappell is known for close interaction with his patients and their primary physicians. Both have prompt access to Dr. Chappell around the clock. He reliably spends sufficient time with patients in consultation so that they can make the most informed decision about having surgery.



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