Patient Safety

Patient Safety

At MemorialCare, we understand how important reliable, consistent and safe patient care is to you and your family.

When the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued their reports on quality of health care in America, 

, MemorialCare was already committed to the creation and integration of a robust patient safety program as an essential component of our quality patient care.

Patient Safety Resources

MemorialCare Focus on Patient Safety

We believe that accountability for patient safety is embedded in a collaborative relationship involving our governing board, administrative leadership, our medical staff, employees, you and your family.

Our Patient Safety Program is a formalized, multi-faceted plan that is evaluated annually. It includes the following critical components:

  • Leadership Commitment - Our administrative and medical leadership has defined patient safety as a MemorialCare priority in strategic planning, employee performance evaluations, organizational culture, and resource allocation.
  • Culture of Safety Survey - Regular feedback is encouraged and solicited from our physicians, employees, and patients about patient safety aspects. The feedback information is aggregated and integrated in the annual review and the MemorialCare Patient Safety Program.
  • Patient Safety Education - Ongoing, current patient safety education is included in physician and employee development programs. The multi-faceted approach includes awareness campaigns, written articles, continuing education programs, seminars, pocket cards, and clinical tools. Our Patient Education Program encourages your active participation in learning about safety strategies and practicing them in each health care interaction.

Leaping Ahead in Patient Safety

MemorialCare hospitals, including Long Beach Medical Center, Orange Coast Medical Center and Saddleback Medical Center, were honored with an “A” Hospital Safety ScoreSM by The Leapfrog Group, an independent national nonprofit run by employers and other large purchasers of health benefits. The Hospital Safety ScoreSM is calculated under the guidance of The Leapfrog Group’s Blue Ribbon Expert Panel using publicly available data on patient injuries, medical and medication errors, and infections. U.S. hospitals were assigned an A, B, C, D or F for their safety score.

MemorialCare have voluntarily completed the Leapfrog Survey every year since 2002.

MC*21 The Next Generation of Care

MemorialCare have embarked upon MC*21, a system wide effort to improve and simplify care delivery processes.
MC*21 provides frontline caregivers with state-of-the-art tools for care, including innovative equipment for documentation and information retrieval. The result is greater efficiency, enhanced patient safety and more time for caregivers to do what they do best — care for patients.

But MC*21 is about much more than new technology. This effort greatly facilitates the implementation of evidence-based, best practice medicine. Additionally, MC*21 redefines the way physicians and hospital staff work and communicate with each other. With streamlined electronic medical records systems in place, caregivers have more time for one on one health care delivery.