Electronic Medical Records - 21st Century @ MemorialCare

Electronic Medical Records

We call it MC*21—our system-wide initiative to enhance patient safety, service and satisfaction. It’s about taking patient care to the next level–transforming the next generation of care across our medical centers in the 21st century.

A Huge Leap Forward

When physicians have all the latest information on their hospitalized patient’s status, tests and condition, the patient receives better care. At MemorialCare, we’re early adopters of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and after March 2010 we will have a comprehensive EMR in most of our major facilities.

Less than ten percent of U.S. hospitals have a complete EMR system. At MemorialCare we know that our early adoption of EMR translates into improvements in safety, clinical outcomes, quality and satisfaction for patients; better efficiency and accuracy for staff; and satisfaction among physicians who can easily retrieve patient information.

Committed to Your Safety

MemorialCare has long been committed to patient safety and evidence-based medicine. Our state-of-the-art clinical information system puts best practice guidelines, decision support tools and other safety checks at your caregivers’ fingertips.

Because doctor’s orders and prescriptions are entered into a computer—rather than handwritten—pharmacists and other caregivers can easily read the information. This greatly reduces the possibility of transcription errors or other mistakes.

MemorialCare’s EMR includes security features that make patient information more secure and private than paper charts.

Collaborating to Meet Your Needs

Our physicians, nurses and other health care professionals were involved in the design of our inpatient clinical information system from the start. The system is designed so the entire health care team can better coordinate your care through immediate, secure access to your most current health information.

Creating an Electronic Continuum of Care


MemorialCare provides all affiliated physicians with seamless access to their hospitalized patient’s medical records, whether they’re at home, the office or traveling. Now that we have implemented EMR in all our major facilities, we’re helping physicians to implement an EMR, called myMemorialCare, in their own practices. Our EMR and integration initiatives help ensure that outpatient records created by your physician are immediately available to you and hospital caregivers in our Emergency Departments or during your admission to hospital.

With the combination of an inpatient EMR and an outpatient EMR, there truly is an electronic continuum of your care.
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It’s About Care… Not the Computers

MC*21 is about much more than new technology. It’s about patient-centered care. Patients and their families will benefit in terms of quality, safety, efficiency, personalized service and care. With the EMR, patient information including health history, medications, laboratory results and more is easily accessible by physicians and health care providers. 

At MemorialCare, we’re embracing technology, best practices and change. We hope you share our excitement about the future of health care. And, we thank you for sharing in MemorialCare’s ongoing journey to excellence in the 21st century.