Open Enrollment Guide

Find a Primary Care Physician

Your Guide to the Right Care

Whether you’re insured through Medicare, an employer or individual plan, take the time to understand the benefits covered under each health plan during open enrollment. Ask…
  • Will you be able to see your physician of choice?
  • Is your preferred local hospital contracted with your new health plan?
  • Are they part of an integrated health system that provides patients with quality care and convenient access to sophisticated technology and advanced treatments?

What Medicare Advantage Offers You

If you are eligible for Medicare, you may want to consider a Medicare Advantage Plan that provides enhanced services over traditional Medicare and less out-of-pocket expense than Medicare supplement plans. Most plans offer:

  • Minimal or no co-pays for physician visits.
  • No monthly health plan premiums.
  • No annual health plan deductibles.
  • Hospitalization covered at a substantial savings.
  • Enhanced prescription drug program included at no additional cost.
  • Coverage for urgent and emergency care outside of the United States – very important if you like to travel abroad.

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What to Look for in a Primary Care Provider

Choose a doctor who:
  •  Takes time to listen to you.
  •  Answers all your questions.
  •  Is someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Choose the Right Physician for You

Find a leading doctor to give you the care and attention you deserve.
  •  Use our online Find a Provider tool
  •  Call: 1-888-848-WELL (888-848-9355)
      Our specialists are available to help you Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Remember, you do have a choice. Open enrollment is the perfect time to choose well.

Make enrollment easier with our Open Enrollment Worksheet

Download the 

 to record your top three primary care physician choices and write down:

  1. Provider’s Name
  2. Health Plan Name, Provider Number if applicable
  3. Hospital if applicable

Use this information when filling out your health plan open enrollment forms.

What a Health System Offers You

Choosing care from a health system helps: 

  • Ensure the clinicians treating you – whether they are in a primary care physician’s office, a specialist’s office or a hospital – have shared access through electronic medical records to information about your most recent diagnosis, allergies and tests.
  • Streamline your care to better manage chronic conditions and receive the best care possible.

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