Nerses S. Tchekmedyian, MD

"I give all I have and do all it takes to care for each one of my patients. Working together with a superb team of professionals in many specialties as well as nurses and assistants, I bring to each patient a comprehensive and individualized evaluation and treatment plan. I feel very fortunate to have cared for about 10,000 cancer patients over the last 30 years. Helping the person I care for achieve a higher level of comfort and health is my best reward."

Dr. Tchekmedyian obtained his oncology training at the University of Maryland Cancer Center in Baltimore and is a board certified internist and medical oncologist with 15 years of experience in oncology practice. Dr. Tchekmedyian is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

Dr. Tchekmedyian has not only cared for thousands of cancer patients in his career, but has also contributed extensively to the medical scientific literature. He is Associate Editor of the Journal Oncology and has published over 60 medical articles and book chapters as well as 2 medical books.

Dr. Tchekmedyian is the medical director of the Pacific Shores Medical Group, a member of the Community UCLA Oncology Network. This medical group includes 7 oncologists and over 50 experienced oncology care professionals including nurses, dietitians, exercise specialists and research staff. This program provides state-of-the-art comprehensive adult oncology and hematology services including standard chemotherapy as well as a variety of novel approaches such as angiogenesis inhibitors, nutritional interventions, apoptosis inducers, gene therapies, cancer vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and many new anticancer molecules.

Our joint efforts with UCLA allow our patients to obtain the best available options in the comfort and convenience of our local offices. We have the largest regional experience in cancer care, with 1,500 new cancer cases per year. We provide unique care to patients with cancers such as prostate, breast, lung, colon, rectum, stomach, ovarian, testicular, pancreas, esophageal, head and neck, bladder, bones, brain, lymphomas, myeloma, melanoma, thyroid, leukemia, sarcoma, carcinoid, mesothelioma, and many other types.

This physician is a member of MemorialCare Physician Society which drives clinical outcomes and performance for MemorialCare Health System.


  • Oncology & Hematology
  • Internal Medicine


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