James J. Black, MD

Dr. James Black is trained in both microsurgery and oncologic plastic surgery. He has performed a large number of plastic surgical procedures especially in the area of breast cancer reconstruction with perforator flaps. These procedures are significantly better than older techniques for breast reconstruction and involve using fat from the abdomen, flanks, or the buttocks area. This tissue is transplanted to the chest wall, resulting in a breast reconstruction that sacrifices no muscle or fascia from any other part of the body.

A breast created in this way is warm and soft to the touch and feels like normal tissue. In addition, it does not result in deficiencies or weaknesses in other parts of the body.

To date he has performed over 300 of these procedures in addition to all other types of operations for breast reconstruction.

I feel very badly for what you're going through right now; however, know that for most women I can offer something to them that would help them resume more of a normal life. I am happy to speak to you and would look forward to meeting you.



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  • Plastic Surgery


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Chicago Medical School - Finch University

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