Join us for a complimentary 8 session class on fall prevention led by MemorialCare Physical Therapy. This 8-week class is only open to Laguna Woods residents.

Class Series Start Dates: TBA

You only need to register once, for the start date, and you will automatically be enrolled in all 8 classes

Week 1: Introduction to Fall Prevention, Stand Up and Be Strong!, postural education (seated), handout on Home Environment

Week 2: Sit to stand instruction, postural education (standing), seated warm-up exercises, introduction to static standing balance exercises, exercise handout

Week 3: Progression of exercises, dynamic standing balance exercises, turns, single-leg stance

Week 4: Quiz: test your knowledge about Fall Prevention, progression of exercises & variations, stepping exercises, simple dance

Week 5: Instruction and Demo of Fall recovery (how to get up from floor), progression of exercises, vestibular exercises

Week 6: Lifting techniques, progression of exercises, ball games

Week 7: Curbs & stairs, progression of exercises, compliant surfaces (foam)

Week 8: Repeat 30” STS, review of exercise handout, Q&A

Class series supported by Laguna Woods Village Social Services and funded by the Foundation of Laguna Woods.

Laguna Woods Clubhouse 5

24626 Punta Alta

Fitness Room

Laguna Woods, CA 92637

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