Hospice is Palliative Care – But Not All Palliative Care is Hospice

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MemorialCare Medical Group
Lowell Kleinman, MD
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Lowell Kleinman, MD

Medical Director, Palliative Care at Saddleback Memorial
  • Family Medicine

Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Kleinman is happy to have the benefits that being part of a large medical group can offer his patients.

"In MemorialCare Medical Group, my patients' care is coordinated across specialists, hospitals, home health agencies and nursing homes, supported by progressive electronic technologies."

Podcast Summary

What is palliative care and how does it differ from hospice care?

Why is there an increase in interest in palliative care by both patients and doctors?

How does one know if palliative care is right for them or their loved one?

Listen to find out more about Palliative Care vs Hospice care and which one may be right for your loved one.