Back on Beat: Knowing your Heart Rhythm and How to Treat Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

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Orange Coast Medical Center
Thuy T. Le, MD
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Thuy T. Le, MD

  • Cardiology, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Internal Medicine

Dr. Le is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Electrophysiology. She is an Electrophysiologist and has been in practice in Orange County since 2004. She went to medical school at the University of Pennysylvania, and she completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. Dr. Le trained in General Cardiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Podcast Summary

Left untreated, atrial fibrillation can cause life-threatening complications, such as stroke or heart failure. For millions of people, a steady and predictable heartbeat has been replaced by an irregular or extremely rapid one. These abnormal heart rhythms are called arrhythmias, and the most common form is atrial fibrillation, or AFib. Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist with the MemorialCare heart and Vascular Institute at Orange Coast, Thuy Le, MD, discusses the symptoms and treatment options for AFib, along with when to seek treatment and the best course of care for this condition.