Knowledge is Power. Know Your Numbers.

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Know Your Numbers

Understanding your numbers and their connection to heart disease and diabetes can help you lower your risk.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), obesity and diabetes all play a role in the development of heart disease. To make a positive impact on your health it is important to know and understand your numbers. Knowing your numbers allows you to take action and impact your risk factors.

Key Numbers & Healthy 

  1. HDL (good) Cholesterol (HDL) - Above 50mg/dl for women, above 40mg/dl for men 
  2. LDL (bad) Cholesterol (LDL) - Below 130mg/dl 
  3. Triglycerides (TRG) - Below 150mg/dl 
  4. Total Cholesterol (TC) - Below 200mg/dl 
  5. Glucose (GLU) - Between 70-99mg/dl 
  6. Blood Pressure (BP) - Less than 120/80 
  7. Body Mass Index (BMI) - Between 18.5-24.9  

Record and keep track of your numbers.