Fitness First Gym and Classes at the Heart and Wellness Center at Saddleback Memorial

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Event - Yoga for Patients with Cancer


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The Fitness First exercise program provides personalized fitness instruction in a fully equipped gym, which includes weight machines, cardiovascular equipment and classes. Call 949-452-7864 for cost and details.

  • Fitness First’s Strength and Conditioning Class
  • Tone Your Bones Exercise - This group exercise program is for people who have osteoporosis or are at risk of developing the disease. Taught by a Saddleback Memorial exercise technician who is specially trained in osteoporosis prevention through exercise. 

Tone Your Bones exercise program is a 10-session class series. Cost is $5 per class; the first class session is free.
Classes available every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-9:00 am.

Physician release is required prior to taking Tone Your Bones classes.

  • Yoga Class - Yoga improves muscle tone and strength, as well as endurance and balance. It can help to lower blood pressure, improve a person's sense of well-being and make it easier for people with asthma to learn how to breathe more easily.

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