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Incorporating Wellness in the Workplace

Artificial light, regulated temperatures and sedentary office spaces can make it difficult for most in the workplace to be inspired to get up and move. With most people spending more time in the office than at home, how can wellness become part of your working environment?

Wellness means more than being physically fit- it includes your mental and emotional health too. The first step in understanding your wellness is by getting a wellness check. Many companies today offer incentives to their employees to have preventative health screenings. Check with your human resources department or insurance carrier to see what kind of benefits your company offers for these screenings.

Once you understand your risk factors you can create a plan for yourself. Some simple strategies to begin your wellness plan are the following:


Pack It In – Healthy Lunch

Your  lunch break might not always be the most relaxing moment in your day but it is a time you should use to refresh, recharge, and enjoy a fresh, tasty, homemade meal. There are all types of processed meals readily available at the market, fast food, or local convenience stores, but with a little thought and time you can put together a tasty meal that packs a nutritious punch. 

Soup. Provide protein to give you energy and are filling enough to get you through the afternoon blahs. With all the latest storage containers they will stay warm even in the coolest air conditioned offices. Make yourself a crockpot of chicken soup, tortilla soup, or chili and you can have a delicious meal all week long.


Stretch Your Way to Better Health

Rise and shine and remember to stretch! Though one of the simplest ways to maintain good health, stretching is often the most neglected. The benefits of stretching go way beyond the ability to touch your toes. Here are a few reasons why you should make time to stretch today.

Improve Blood flow – Stretching improves blood flow and circulation, helping your joints, and brings more oxygen to your blood improving your clarity and energy levels.

Relieve stress – Stretching helps relieve the stress that prolonged sitting causes to your back, bottom, and spine. By elongating your body with a routine stretch, you are actually helping your muscles avoid atrophy that occurs from a sedentary workplace or lifestyle.

Health News

Social Exercise (using apps and fitness trackers)

How many times have you seen a friend’s post logging the miles they’ve run on their social media account? Or all the people around you wearing fitness monitors on their wrists? We’ve been told over and over we should take 10,000 steps per day. Yet many of us are still looking for the motivation to make that happen.

Social exercising is everywhere and people who use it are seeing results. There are several reasons for this success. First the trackers make the user accountable for their exercise and motivate them to continue. But maybe more importantly, people who work out with friends or in groups tend to see the best results.

If you have thought of joining an online fitness group, downloading a fitness app, or adding friends to your tracking device’s app, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your device.

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Question of the Month

What is Avocado Toast?

Foodies everywhere are celebrating the latest culinary craze. From restaurants to food blogs, people can’t get enough of avocado toast. It’s tasty treat that can be eaten for breakfast with a poached egg on top, for lunch with tomatoes and bacon, or just as a simple snack seasoned and salted to your liking.

What is avocado toast? Simply put, it is avocado spread on slices of bread. But to avocado fans it is so much more. To make this treat you must first decide if you are an avocado smoother or slicer? While some prefer to cut their avocado in thin slices and fan them out over their bread, others smash the green delicacy and spread it like chunky peanut butter over their bread.

Today's Tidbit

Walking Workouts

Walking has an endless number of health benefits and almost everyone can do it. For a quick 30 minute lunchtime workout, try this quick and easy routine.

Minute 1: Warm-up. Ease into the first minute and walk at a gentle pace

Minute 2: Keep walking and check to make sure you are standing tall

Minute 3: Start to increase your pace

Minute 4-26: Maintain a quick pace for 23 minutes

Minute 27-28: Begin to wind down at an easy, gentle pace again

Minute 30: Cool down. Take the last minute to make sure you stretch.