The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been severe for our community, and we are looking for people who have recovered from the infection to donate plasma as part of a multi-center national study for use in treating patients with severe/life threatening COVID-19 infections.  The antibodies in the plasma of individuals who previously tested positive for COVID-19, if given to someone with a severe case, may help them to recover faster and even be life-saving.   

MemorialCare is partnering with our main blood supplier, the San Diego Blood Bank-SDBB/SCBB to collect plasma from interested donors to make these products available to as many patients as possible.  The plasma collection process is similar to the process that is used to collect platelets from routine blood donors.  If you have any interest in being a potential donor, we invite you to visit the following websites listed below to see if you may qualify.  You will be asked to answer some questions through a web form, which will be evaluated by the blood center. After the evaluation, the blood center will contact you to let you know if you are eligible to be a donor.