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This is an early feasibility study that investigates the outcome of selected patients with complex thoracoabdominal aortic lesions who are suitable for endovascular (within the vessel) repair with a physician-modified Medtronic Thoracic Valiant stent graft. The Medtronic Valiant System includes a Valiant Thoracic Stent Graft, a self-expanding, tubular end prosthesis which is modified/customized by the Investigators to fit the patient's anatomy. The device is constructed by making a taper in the larger proximal thoracic device and attaching it to a smaller distal thoracic device. The Viabahn branches for the visceral vessels are sutured to holes made in the tapered section. The modified Valiant stent graft is advanced to the lesion site endoluminally via the iliac/femoral artery. Access for delivery of extensions to the device will be delivered through the left subclavian artery. Upon deployment, the stent graft self-expands at the target location, where it is designed to exclude the lesion by restoring blood flow through the stent graft lumen.

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