MemorialCare Director of Health and Wellbeing Named WELCOA 2019 Top Health Promotion Professional

Kim Haman

Melanie Cumbee, Director of Organizational Health and Wellbeing at MemorialCare, was awarded the WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) 2019 Top Health Promotion Professional. This honor recognizes wellness professionals who have successfully created a sustainable culture of workplace wellbeing.

Cumbee, who holds a MS degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and is a certified wellness practitioner, joined MemorialCare in 2008. She worked closely with Tammie Brailsford, MemorialCare Chief Operating Officer, to create The Good Life Employee Wellness program. From the beginning, her mission has been to create a culture that honors every employee’s personal wellness journey and offer resources that make it easy to prioritize well-being at work.

The program focuses on multiple components that impact health, including financial well-being, social well-being and community well-being. Employees have access to many different types or resources such as onsite coaching, fitness classes, an Express Care Clinic, online employee wellness portal, and fully-equipped employee gyms at multiple locations.

“We’re so proud of Melanie,” says Brailsford. “This award is well-deserved. She has helped shape The Good Life into a program that has improved the health of many MemorialCare employees and at the same time, helped reduce our healthcare costs.”

A Healthier Bottom Line

Since The Good Life launched 10 years ago, the initiative has positively impacted both the way MemorialCare employees view their workplace and their overall well-being. In a recent employee survey, 75% of participants reported that The Good Life makes MemorialCare a great place to work. Ninety-three percent reported developing positive daily habits over the last year. The Good Life has also been awarded the Innovation Award from the American Heart Association for its onsite employee coaching program called The Good Life In Balance, designed for employees with diabetes, pre-diabetes or weight management concerns.

“We’ve always had a company culture at MemorialCare where people feel valued and know the organization is concerned for their personal wellbeing,” says Brailsford. “We genuinely care about the people who work here and will do everything we can to support that.”

Over time, The Good Life initiative, coupled with the way MemorialCare designed its health benefits, has helped reduce healthcare costs for MemorialCare by 6% over the last three years. At the same time, employee paycheck deductions and other out-of-pocket costs were reduced. 

“Employees who are happy and thriving in multiple areas of well-being contribute to the overall health and vitality of the organization,” says Cumbee, a long-time Tustin resident. “I’m grateful that through my role at MemorialCare, I’ve been given the opportunity to create programs that really make a difference in the daily life of every employee.”

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