On the Road to Recovery with Community Hospital Long Beach

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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
Hand Therapy

For many years, the Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Program at Community Medical Center Long Beach (CMCLB) has provided comprehensive orthopedic therapy in Long Beach. Physical therapists (PTs) treat patients using the latest and most effective techniques while providing top-notch care for a variety of different patient needs.

Patients in need of post-operative physical therapy, patients who have problems with their back, neck, knees, hips or shoulders or those with chronic pain are treated by a staff of PTs with more than 45 years of combined experience.

Unique to the MemorialCare is the hand therapy program at CMCLB, which provides occupational therapy to acute as well as chronic ailments, focusing on the upper extremity from the shoulder to the fingertips while utilizing manual therapy and therapeutic exercise including work simulation and progression. Boasting one of the very few credentialed programs in the area, patients at CMCLB are paired with a certified hand therapist who works with them to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and work-related functions. The certified hand therapist also specializes in ergonomics, and custom splinting, which helps correct hand deformities by minimizing movement of the joint and keeping the hand correctly aligned.

Setting CMCLB’s standard of care apart from other hospitals is the pain management practices that have been incorporated across the rehab program in order to treat and educate patients on how to take care of themselves in order to prevent and manage pain. In addition to the practices already in place, the Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Program recently acquired several dynamic new pieces of exercise equipment and a TIMS™ DICOM system used by the imaging department to assist with Dysphagia and Speech therapy.

The TIMS™ DICOM records the modified barium swallow study and puts it onto a compact disk.  The study helps to visualize the patients swallow and identify any complications such as silent aspiration, food/liquid residue and reflux. Patients can complete the study with the Radiologist and Speech Therapist, receive their CD and be on their way in an hour. The information gathered from the study can be used to establish or advance a patients diet and also help prevent aspiration, pneumonia and other medical issues.

Patients visiting Community Medical Center Long Beach for rehabilitation therapy also have access to a dedicated outpatient rehabilitation gym – a bright, open area located in the hospital's historic front wing – is easily accessible from the front lobby. Parking at Community Medical Center Long Beach places therapy patients a short walk from the outpatient rehabilitation gym.

“Convenient and easy scheduling with no wait times is always the case for physical and occupational therapy patients at Community Medical Center Long Beach,” says Bradley Laskowski, PT, MPT, BS, CSCS, supervisor rehabilitation services, Community Medical Center of Long Beach. “Between the extended hours of 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., patients are treated to one-on-one therapy with a licensed therapist at all times.”

The Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Program maximizes each patient’s independence and quality of life, while providing stress-free and effective care.