Physical Therapy at Community Hospital Long Beach Helps Patient Regain Her Athleticism

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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
Susan Redfield

As an older adult who lives a very active lifestyle, Susan Redfield has always maintained her health. Suffering from osteoarthritis for the past 15 years was not something that slowed down the former ski instructor. Susan made sure to follow her doctor’s orders and prevent herself from enduring any damage to her body while doing the things she loves, like playing tennis.

Early last year, Susan began suffering from knee pain and experienced instances where her knee would give out. Her physician suggested she consider a total knee replacement in order to restore normal function to her knee. Putting her trust in her health care providers, Susan underwent knee replacement surgery in June 2013.

Once discharged from the hospital, Susan was prescribed at-home physical therapy to make sure that her knee regained all of its normal functions. Three months later and with her prescribed at-home therapy coming to an end, Susan wasn’t as healed as she wanted to be, and sought a new remedy.

Susan was wary of choosing the right physical therapy program. Having had physical therapy at a private institution due to a previous arthroscopic surgery, Susan knew she wanted to take a different approach this time. After being referred to Community Medical Center Long Beach (CMCLB) and hearing nothing but great things about the Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Program, Susan decided to give them a try.

Arriving to CMCLB, in pain and unable to do many of the activities she had once enjoyed, Susan set a goal for herself. She wanted to be able to play tennis again in 4-months’ time. For three months, Susan attended physical therapy sessions at CHLB. “When I arrived at CHLB, I was in so much pain,” says Susan. “My physical therapist (PT), Jay, was able to help me progress and teach me various pain management exercises.”

The physical therapy treatments at CMCLB didn’t stop at the knee for Susan, her care team made sure to take her osteoarthritis into account. During each physical therapy session, Susan and Jay would work on regaining strength and normal function throughout her whole body.

“In order to help Susan reach her goal of playing tennis again, I had to focus on teaching her how to move correctly,” says Jay Manalo, MPT, physical therapist, Community Medical Center Long Beach. “During our time together we focused on stretching, strengthening and lots of hands-on activities to make sure that Susan could continue working on her physical therapy at home. Thanks to her will and motivation, Susan was able to make the most of her rehabilitation process and really learn how to address any issues she might encounter down the road.”

Four months and more than 40 physical therapy exercises later, Susan was back on the tennis courts – pain free. She has been able to keep up the work that her and Jay started at CHLB and once again lives the active and healthy lifestyle she had lost.

“The level of care I received at CMCLB was phenomenal,” says Susan. “Compared to the private institution and at-home therapy, CMCLB was in a league of its own. You just won’t get that level of care anywhere else. From the one-on-one therapy and attention to detail to the convenient parking everything is set up to make the experience as painless as it can be for the patient.”