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By E. Mike Vasilomanolakis, MD, Chief of Staff, Community Hospital Long Beach

2013 Legacy Wall Ceremony

Recently, members of the Long Beach community and distinguished Community Hospital Long Beach staff came together to celebrate the 2013 Legacy Wall Ceremony. Every year Community Hospital Long Beach recognizes outstanding individuals for their continued service to the hospital and honors them by adding their name and photo to the Legacy Wall.

This year’s list of inductees included the late Harald Arndt, MD, Linda Basile, RN, Suzanne Nosworthy and Eugene Temkin, MD. In addition to the award and permanent place on the Legacy Wall, each inductee was awarded with a certificate of recognition from Long Beach Councilman Gary DeLong, as well as another certificate of recognition from Los Angeles Supervisor Don Knabe.

Community Spirit

The Legacy Wall was created to honor those who maintain the “community spirit” that has been the driving force within our hospital since it opened in 1924. The award celebrates employees, volunteers, physicians and community members with a minimum of 12 years of service, who embody the spirit of our hospital. Inductees are selected each year to honor their commitment and dedication to the patients and families they serve whether through years of service, philanthropic efforts or volunteer hours given back.

As visitors walk through our hallways, we want them to get a sense of who we are and the pride we take in caring for our patients and their families, and that’s what the legacy wall does. It’s a representation of our history and the people who have made a lasting impression on our hospital for the better.

Those who attended the ceremony were given a glimpse into the past of Community Hospital Long Beach and just how far the hospital has come in the past nine decades. From the moving tribute to Dr. Arndt given by his colleague and friend Dennis Parmer, MD, to the detailed stories of the early cardiology department told by Dr.Temkin, everyone in the audience could feel just how much these awards mean to the recipients.

Looking to the Future and Keeping in Touch with the Past

Now in its third year, the Legacy Wall is nowhere near reaching a shortage of deserving recipients. As anyone at the hospital will tell you, the Legacy Wall is essential to honor the service that those associated with Community Hospital Long Beach have provided. Looking to the future and keeping in touch with the past is essential to keeping our “community spirit” thriving.