Facelift For Plastic Surgery Center

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Accolade, Expansion & Innovation
Mary Beth Joiner, R.N., James DelloRusso, M.D. & Mary Powers, M.D.

In 2013, expansion of plastic surgery facilities will enhance patient stays with calm, soothing and spa-like surroundings for their recoveries.

Perfectly Sized

Because plastic surgery makes up a significant portion of all surgeries performed at CHLB, a new, 13-bed unit will be dedicated exclusively to the program. Medical leaders, physicians and staff have been working closely with design professionals on inpatient and outpatient areas of the Plastic Surgery Center. Their goal is to create a fresh and comfortable atmosphere in keeping with the high quality of care provided at CHLB.
Community Hospital offers its patients all the medical resources they would find in a larger hospital, but in a more intimate environment that many patients prefer when having an elective procedure.
“It’s small and personable yet patients will have access to any post-operative medical care they may need,” says Mary Powers, M.D., board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic and hand surgeon at CHLB. “Patients truly get the best of both worlds.”

Collaborating On Care

At the forefront of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, a multidisciplinary team provides leading-edge care in order to produce the best patient outcomes. During every procedure, the center’s first-rate anesthesiologists collaborate with the plastic surgeons, nurses and support staff to control the patient’s pain and level of anesthesia, making conditions ideal for a safe and successful surgery and recovery.
“Every patient is unique and we value the expertise of each healthcare provider in that operating room. We work together closely before, during and after the surgery to ensure that the patient’s every need is met. We are one team,” says James DelloRusso, M.D., medical director of anesthesiology and chief of staff at CHLB.
Marcel Daniels, M.D., board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon at CHLB, adds, “Any hospital is a reflection of the people who work there. We’re creating a special, one-of-a-kind experience here at Community Hospital.”
In the safety of a hospital setting, the Plastic Surgery Center offers comprehensive plastic and cosmetic surgery care, with emphasis in breast reconstruction, body contouring and facial rejuvenation. To learn more or consult with one of our plastic surgeons.
Featured physician:

Mary A. Powers, MD

  • Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery - Pediatric
James K. Dello Russo, MD
Featured physician:

James K. Dello Russo, MD

Anesthesiology Medical Director at Community Hospital Long Beach
  • Anesthesiology