Epicenter Honors: Robotic Expertise in Women's Health

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Robotic Assisted Surgery
Marc L. Winter, M.D.

Continuing its commitment to be at the forefront of advanced medical technology, Saddleback Medical Center has been chosen as the first Robotic Training Epicenter for Gynecologic Surgery in Orange County.

Excellent outcomes in minimally invasive gynecologic procedures have garnered Saddleback Medical Center’s robotic surgery program – and renowned gynecologic surgeon Marc L. Winter, M.D., – this rare and prestigious designation from Intuitive Surgical, maker of the da Vinci® Si Surgical System

National Training Destination

As one of only 23 Epicenters in the nation and the only Epicenter in Orange County, this designation establishes Saddleback Medical Center as a frontrunner in robotic surgery and expertise. With this title comes the privilege and responsibility of training and teaching physicians from around the nation on advanced robotic surgery techniques. Having performed well over 200 robotic procedures, Dr. Winter is committed to preparing and mentoring new da Vinci® surgeons from across the nation to deliver a higher level of care to patients.

Technology For Transformational Care

Empowered with the innovative technology of the da Vinci® Si, Dr. Winter and other Saddleback Medical Center surgeons perform difficult procedures with greater ease. The robot’s arms act as extensions of the physician’s hands, allowing for enhanced precision and control. The result is less pain, smaller incisions, less scarring and faster recovery times for patients.

Christine Huff, R.N., a 17-year employee of Saddleback Medical Center and manager of its women’s services, knows firsthand how the hospital’s robotic procedures transform care. 

“I’ve watched our physicians perform a growing number of robotic hysterectomies and knew they had excellent outcomes, so I had added confidence going into my own surgery,” says Christine. As a busy working mother of three, she delayed having the procedure because, she says, “I just didn’t have time for a lengthy recovery.”

Christine’s procedure was even more remarkable when compared to her two previous cesarean sections requiring lengthy incisions and recoveries. “I was amazed by how good I felt after. I barely needed pain medication. I went home the day after surgery and I was back to work in just four weeks.”

Dr. Winter describes robotic surgery as the single best breakthrough in women’s surgeries in the past decade. “It’s a huge stride for many women with endometriosis, fibroids and uterine or vaginal prolapse and other complex gynecologic issues. We’re pleased to provide robotic training for surgeons from around the country so more women can benefit,” he says.

To learn more about our Epicenter or your robotic treatment options visit Robotic Training Epicenter.

Marc L. Winter, MD
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Marc L. Winter, MD

Medical Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery at Saddleback Medical Center
  • Gynecologic Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology